One night a little girl was walking with her
father under the beautiful star-studded sky. As she
looked up and gazed at the grandeurs of God’s
handiwork, she said, “Daddy, I have been thinking. If
the wrong side of heaven is so beautiful, what will
the right side be like?”
What is heaven like? The Bible is clear in its
description of this beautiful abode.
1. HEAVEN IS A PLACE. Jesus said, “I go to
prepare a place for you” (John 14:2). Heaven is a
real place, just as much a place as Nicholasville. It is
just as much a place as Chicago, Los Angeles, or any
place in the world. Heaven is a definite place and is

as real as earth.
2. HEAVEN IS A MANSION. Again, Jesus said, “In my Father’s
house are many mansions” (John 14:3). When we think
of mansions, we think of riches, splendor, beauty, security, joy
and fellowship. A few months ago, it was my privilege to tour
the Vanderbilt mansion in Ashville, North Carolina. One stands
awed and amazed by the beauty, stateliness and extravagance
of a great mansion. Surely, heaven is a mansion of
beauty, splendor and security, a place of unspeakable joy,
abounding with true riches.
3. HEAVEN IS A CITY. Abraham “looked for a city which
hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God” ( Heb.
11:10). Great cities intrigue and inspire us with their tall buildings,
wide streets and splendid parks. What an experience it is
to stand atop the Empire State Building and view the city of
New York. Yet if all the cities in the world were multiplied together
they would in no wise compare to heaven. This heavenly
city is: A holy city; a happy city; a beautiful city; an exclusive
city; a city where God, Christ and kindred spirits abide.
4. HEAVEN IS AN INHERITANCE. In writing to Christians,
Peter speaks of “an inheritance, incorruptible, undefiled, and
that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you” (l pet. 1:4).
Children of god are heirs of God (Rom. 8:17)!
On this earth we occasionally hear of people who are heirs
of great estates, but God’s faithful are heirs to vastly more. All
the wealth of a thousand worlds like ours cannot compare to
heaven’s inheritance.
Surely heaven is the home to which you want to go when
this life is over. To reach this grand abode you must become a
Christian and live for Christ all the days of your life.
A.T. Pate

Sunday Night Singing 03.22.2015

Do You Know My Jesus




II Timothy 1:1-12












John 2


…set your hearts and minds on
“The Present Heaven”
Lesson one.
If “What happens when we die?” This is a
question many have asked and the information
offered about heaven in the scriptures is not
clear-cut. In fact, theologians have drawn a diversity
of conclusions. Pop culture describes
heaven in writings and screen adaptations as a
“bright” light seen in near death experiences.
But we hope to gain insight into this spiritual
realm by turning to the inspiration found inthe scriptures. Gaining a clearer vision of what
awaits at the end of the race of life will help us
to overcome our hesitancy for what lays
ahead. If we visualize clearly the goal in sight
than it becomes easier to press forward to the
place called “Heaven”. Therefore, our operational
faith should provide us with a clearer picture
and we should not fear to challenge commonly
held beliefs if they help us to expand
and solidify our understanding of our final destination
in Heaven.
Scriptures: Rom. 8:23, Phil1:21-24, Rev. 6:9-11,
Luke 23:40-43, I Thess. 4:13 and I Cor. 15:13-23.
So, from these scriptures what can we understand?
Consider these statements:
1. Death is not a final resting place if the hope
we have in Jesus Christ is real 9I Cor. 15:1323)
2. God will take care of us at death by providing
us with a temporary dwelling place and
we will be with Him and Jesus.
3. In this Present Heaven, we will have an understanding
of our circumstances and of the
4. In the Present Heaven we will have rest.


There is a paradox in God’s power. Paul says that
God told him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my
power is made perfect in weakness” (II Corinthians
Jesus power is the perfect example of the paradoxical
nature of God’s power. God the Father allowed Jesus to be
turned over to Satan and all the unrighteousness of this
world. The Jewish leaders not only killed Jesus, but tortured
him and humiliated him first. Yet this demonstrated
God’s power. Paul says in Colossians 2:15, “He disarmed
the rulers and the authorities and made a public spectacle
of them, triumphing over them in the cross.” (ISV).
Jesus demonstrated God’s power by his preaching, his miracles
and his actions. But the greatest demonstration of
God’s power is seen in the fact that Satan—-all the sin of the world—-

all the unrighteousness, greed, selfishness, ect.

could not defeat one who put their trust in
God—-namely Jesus. The church was built
by Jesus. This same paradoxical nature of
God’s power is seen in her. The church was attacked
first by Judaizing brothers, then by the
Jews themselves, then by Gnostic false teachers,
and finally by the most powerful nation in
the world—-Rome, who tried to exterminate
Christians. Even today the church is attacked
from within and without by Satan. What is Satan
trying to tell us? But what has God told us?
Getting a little bit closer to home—Last
year we worked hard to convert the lost bringing
many to point of baptism. From these efforts
we have worked hard and to God’s glory
there are a few from this group who are now
growing in the Lord.
There is a temptation from Satan to become
discouraged. But the power of God has
not diminished, and it works best in our weakest
moments. What we did is not where our
power lies, it is what God will do with it that
gives it power.

Sermon on the Mount






Matthew 5,6,and 7


The Existence and Value of the Soul





Mark 8:36-37

I Am A Newcomer

Smile at Me as I walk in the door? You are
my first impression of the church during the first
few moments I am in your building. The first impression
will determine whether or not I will visit
Help Me politely find my way around your
building through the service? Please show me where
The appropriate Bible study classes are.. I will not
find your help or your friendliness an intrusion. In
fact, I will greatly appreciate your helpfulness and
kindness.Understand that I didn’t mean to take “your
pew” or “your family’s pew.” But you know I really appreciate
your not saying, but rather welcoming me in
your midst. To tell you the truth, I don’t know that I
would come back had you even politely declined me.
Speak To Me before and after the worship and
Bible study services. I know you want to see your
friends, but I may find it hare to believe that you truly
care about the souls of others unless I see evidence
that you care for the guests in your midst.
Tell Me Encouraging Things about the congregation,
the elders and the minister. I want to believe
that I have come to a place where people love each
other and where they believe they are doing something
exciting, wonderful and challenging.
Notice Me and help me feel like I belong even if I
am not “family”. I don’t want to feel invisible just because
I am unmarried, a single parent, a teenager, or
an older person.
Talk To Me Again the second time I visit….and
the third and fourth visits too. I am still not a part of a
family but I might be drawn to be because of your example.
Invite Me to be a part of something more than
just a gathering during the assembly. I need more
personal contact. I want to be a part of something
that can really help me transform my life.
Author Unknown