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Psalm 23



“In the same way, those of you who do not give
up everything you have cannot be my disciples.”
Luke 14:33
In the verses immediately preceding this
short statement, Jesus describes the considerations
of a king going to war. Can he win?
Should he try to make peace? What the king
decides will matter for the citizens of his
country. His decision will affect families, communities,
the economy of his country and either
way it will change lives; lives that the king
is responsible for.

The problem with being a king is those decisions
just don’t stop coming. There’s always
another threat to the well-being of the nation.
We may not know much about kings here in
The United States but we’ve all seen how the
office of the presidency ages the men filling
that role. It’s a heavy burden of responsibility
and they only carry it for a few years.
Becoming a disciple of Christ is a big decision;
it’s a life or death decision. It’s a decision
that we make every day of our lives. Our dedication
and commitment is a living part of who
we are at every moment. Our decision will affect
our families and our communities, even
our country. It’s a choice that we keep making.
Will I give my time? Will I give my treasure? Will
I tell the truth? Will I put others first?
Opportunities abound for all of us to give up
ourselves for God. We will all have that chance
today. We will choose to be a disciple or not.
Every time it’s a big decision. Too often we
don’t remember that . We’re casual about being
a Christian. Let’s give that up!Let’s be
aware of all the opportunities large or small to
look like Christ and let’s take them seriously.

The Sermon On The Mount III





Matthew 5:1-12

Scriptures That Have Encouraged Me





Deuteronomy 3:28


The purpose of a memorial is to
keep remembrance alive. Jesus said concerning
the Lord’s Supper, “Do this in remembrance
of me” (1 Cor. 11:24). Do this!
Keep your memory of me alive!Paul says
that in keeping this memorial, eating the
bread and drinking the cup, we “proclaim
his death until he comes” ( 1 Cor. 11:26).
We experience sorrow and joy
when we partake of the Lord’s Supper.

“Death” is a sad word until we read the joyful
words, “until he comes.” We are told to examine
ourselves, and this leads to the confession
of our sins. We are sorry for our sins. When we
think of Christ’s suffering and death on the
cross we are full of sorrow. Yet when we realize
this atoning death cleanses us from our sins we
are joyful.
We are taught to partake of this supper in
a worthy manner—-thoughtfully, respectfully,
humbly. There is a vast difference in partaking
in a worthy manner and being worthy to partake
of the supper. No one is worthy of that
which God has done in Christ.
We are sorrowful when we think of our
Lord being “ wounded for our transgressions,”
but we rejoice when we think of the benefits
of the cross. We glory in the cross, as did Paul
(Gal. 6:14) when we remember the love shown
by our Savior, the atonement for sins he provides,
and the hope of the gospel the cross
Virgil Bentley





Matthew 5






Exodus 20:12


Have you ever noticed how many things are
accepted in religion without any investigation? So
many things in religion are simply traditionalized.
Many will accept what some preacher or teacher
says without any investigation. For instance,
 That the Bible nowhere says, “Accept Jesus as
Your Personal Savior”?
 That not one modern denomination can be
found in the New Testament
 That no one was ever told to “Ask Jesus into

your heart” in answer to the question, “What must I
do to be saved?”
 That “The Rapture” is not once mentioned in the
Bible (neither by name nor by concept)?
 That “faith only” is mentioned only one time in
the Bible, and that in a condemnatory fashion?
(Read: James 2:24)
 That every verse in the New Testament in which
baptism and salvation appear together always
places baptism prior to salvation? (Notice: Mark
16:16; Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16; Romans 6:4 1 Peter
 That the New Testament authorizes only vocal
music in worship to God? (Read: Ephensians 5:19;
Colossians 3:16)
 That you must obey the will of God to be saved
eternally? (Hebrews 5:8-9; Romans 6:16-18; Matthew
DID YOU KNOW—- That Jesus Christ has been
given all authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew
28:18)… that we will be judged by Jesus Christ (Acts
17:30-31)…that this judgment will be by His Word
(John 12:48)?
Are YOU following men or God… the Bible or
tradition… command or opinion… faith or feelings?
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Sermon on the Mount




Matthew 5